Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How about a Blacksmith's Forge or an Aircraft Nose Cone!

How fantastic is this, a true piece of Antique Industrial History.
In our twenty years of dealing in old wares and collectables
we have never had a forge as complete as this.
And Yes....we believe it will work. 
We are not sure of its age, however,
we are confident it is older than the two of us put together and then some!
My taste may be a little off the beam for some,
the back of these chairs really appeal to me and that makes them a pair in my eyes.
I have looked at this so many times and thought
cool bell, but i knew that was not right....hmmmm,
then the font of knowledge shared with me what it is.
It is the nose cone of an aircraft...all i could see was a bell, 
a light in the making or upside down in a stand for a vase. 
Simply classic milk glass deco shapes in these light shades.
We have been asked for these so many times,
we find a few that are darker but not many that are chrome
and in good nick waiting to be turned into a table or something spectacular.