Monday, November 1, 2010

A Draw full of Tin Plate Hnadles - Yep, they are old and odd

A treasure draw full of those hard to find original draw and cupboard handles

 I think this is bakelite,
its a "Linesman's" you remember the "PMG"?
Paper tray, milk bottles and a
 Cast Iron Wertheim Sewing Machine Base.
The Wertheim bases are taller than the traditional
Singer Bases and just as ornate. 
A hughe range of ladders at the moment,
tall trestles, step ladders, extra long and short too. 
and not a bad selection of timber oars either.

I just liked the way the light caught these . 
check out the cast iron pourer under the table,
I forgot it was there, it is for pouring molten metal probably at a foundry
for metal casting a long long time age.
visit this website to read more,
I thought it was interesting.