Saturday, November 6, 2010

NSW Ballot Box, Sunshine Yellow, Crisp White

White is always so refreshing,
a terrazzo topped dresser, milk glass jars, white cane magazine shelf
with somewhere to rest your Akubra.

A few frogs and scrabble to entertain those garden elves .
hold your own state election.....
bet you would have a more positive result!
cool retro shadow shelf with a selection
of bottle vases
One of my absolute favourite Australian pottery styles is the Diana spot ware,
a yellow and white spot bowl, vintage doilies and old fashioned cutlery.
Well, not too old fashioned though as this is the cutlery we use every day,
those long blades are just the shot for spreading toast without getting jam on my fingers.

playing with the camera, I snapped this photo of our
little department store and thought it looked pretty ok.
Timber stools & chair additions.