Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Shopping at our Bangalow Farmers Market

My basket is usually overflowing and heavy, 
"need" it is said is "the mother of invention",
I just love my new market trolley!
It is sturdy, the right height, light, durable and recycled,
as is everything we own, almost..
A snapshot of the wonderful produce from our Bangalow Local Farmers Market,
Ashtons Coffee, Fresh lettuce, watercress, rocket and other 
greens from the Salad Hut,
Fetta from Bangalow Cheese
Fresh rump, preservative free aussie sausages 
and roast from Hayters Hill Farm,
Local avocado from Eureka,
Tomatoes from Coopers Shoot,
locally grown brown and white muhrooms 
and a fabulous tasting Strawberry Jam,
oh yeah!! and then there is macadamia oil,
gluten free and sourdough breads,
organic leeks, amazing sprouts....
Mate we are so lucky!