Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tessa Leather Lounge Chair and German Vintage Vase

Tessa 1980 leather lounge chair surrounded by a
vintage German Vase, the classic orange and brown of
the late 1970s, orange art glass, retro mirror, backed by
our library of eclectic books
 black ceramic cats,
depression green squat jars  
 the ultimate insulator,
vase, sculpture, water feature, light
or whatever you want to make it......
brass 'fire dogs'
 a pair of tangerine??? orangy/red glass cannisters with their lids
 yes please!! a jug of soda, lime and bitters -
couple of leaves of mint,
poured over a few ice cubes

"The Wellington knife board",
 made by John Oakey & Sons, London c.1880-1930
A rectangular pine board with a domed top and a sheet of composite board on one side.
One side has a paper lable with information about both
the Wellington Knife board which "produces a brilliant polish and sharpens the knife"
and the Oakey Wellington knife polish.
Zeb refines his reversing skills