Monday, November 14, 2011

ladders - for versatile shelving or hanging

step by step
 Northern NSW Coastline River Mouths
H.E.C. Robinsons Map of NSW
 hmmm...could be a light shade,
could be a table,
could be a stool!
 timber shelf ...only 1 week until Bangalow Country Show
with Piglet racing, Tart of the show, Stockman's Ironman,
shopping relay, ride on lawn mower races...........
enamel and steel letters, what do you spell... NOW ME!
 multi storage garage......
pigeon hole shelf
 now this is a 'rose'
 Wollongong, standing on the point where the hangliders
take off from.......
stunning view,
I think this is from around the 1970s.