Thursday, June 10, 2010

Citrine Uranium Depression Glass, Industrial Antiques, Advertising Collectables, Spindle Back Chairs and more!

Some of the treasures we recently found that are for sale at Heath's Old Wares Collectables Antiques in Bangalow.
This enchanting timber rocking horse made in the USA.
How stunning is this...2 pieces or rather hard to get depression uranium citrine glass in superb condition
An original piece from the earlier part of the 20th Century, a set of Depression Draws, so called because in the 1930s people were thrifty and made their furniture out of crates from oil and kerosene boxes among many other things. These ones have Berger on the inside of the draws, so the draws are made from early paint tin crates...
Colourful cordial crates from a time when cordial was a treat.
Zippy Cordials were from Cessnock in the Hunter Valley,
for the rugby league followers, this was goanna country,
poor misguided followers,
I was a pumpkin picker follower from Maitland back in the day!
A fabulous selection of green and amber glass bottles and jars
from various sources, beer, salad oil, cordial.  
A very inexpensive altrenative for your floral arrangements to be displayed in.
A set of 4 spindle back chairs, strong and sturdy
I have included this closeup of the back rest of this chair
so you can see the carved feature and that this one has been repaired
with the knobs on the top of the spindle back being newly made.
A chain of brass and steel salter dial scales,
they look great hanging in a chain formation.
A few of the industrial antiques,
an extention ladder that goes higher than I will climb,
timber crates, a Dimple Scotch Whiskey and a Drambuie..
people tell me these can be a good drop!
Enamel Signs, original and prints of artwork from earlier decades.
An old bevelled mirror with good depth rests patiently
on the timber park bench
while we get aound to cleaning and pricing it.
What a wood basket, or an anything basket, solid heavy cane,
the big brother for the stone demijon in a cane sleeve.
Lets have a cool drink on the balcony or verandah
...this is simply gorgeous.
It is resonably hard to find a set of 6 Glasses from the 1940s - 50s
with a matching jug in such wonderful condition.
The yellow or lemon with gold trim is just stunning.
The USA hangs on the wall above a variety of
NORCO butter boxes from the Lismore - Byron Bay - Northern Rivers area of NSW,
 cordial crates from Muswellbrook Cordials in the Hunter Valley, Schwepps, and other brands ..
The maker of this map is Haack Painke with a scale 1: 2 500 000.
An old metal wheel barrow ready for the garden jobs,
a red bubble glass vase stands about 12 inches or 30 cm tall
such a contrast.
An OLDER wheel barrow with  a steel wheel,
no punctures for this one!
At Heaths Old Wares you never know what you will find,
Here is an assortment of Hames hooks and other metal pieces,
some of which would have been used for 
donkey, mule or horse harness, maybe even bullock.