Thursday, June 17, 2010

Industrial Glass Insulators, Ladders, Antique Timber Wash Trolley, Pipi Catcher, Retro typewriters .........

I just love the colours of these insulators..real industrial decor.
There is a chandelier of these hanging by the main stairway
in the powerhouse in Brisbane. It is amazing.
The insulators make great bird feeders and would be
ideal for a water or garden feature
I have been told this is a pipi net, but I dont know!
I think it would make a great potato holder!
A tin linned bottom in an antique timber washing trolley
2 pair of vintage drive way entrance gates
vintage vinyl covered kitchen bar stool
strong solid cane, the birdcage, white & blue baskets
 all seem to be a very similar cane
tin trunk with a hinged lid,
ideal for winter wood supplies
 or storing Christmas decorations
Sought after vintage portable typewriters...and yes they still work!
The silver grey writer is metal, has no brand
and is a true vintage piece with the old ₤ pound symbol
dating it before 1966. The blue green Olivetti Lettra 32 is plastic, 
has the $ symbol so I assume it is after 1966
timber ornate planter stand and canvas webbing chair
Zeb falling asleep in his favourite spot in the garden
iron wheels in contraast to the timber wagon wheel,
a plastic valvoline advertising sign in the background