Muddle has died, we miss him heaps,
due to our circumstances, Zeb has gone to live Hanniel
in Tyaglum...
he's not far away but its too painful to visit.

we know Hanniel loves him as much as we do,
he is so happy, he is cherished and spoilt just like he is use to being.

Thank you Hanniel.

zeb and his big bro having fun

hi Sophie, here is your visit to Zeb, thanks for saying hi! xx
sophie looking at Zeb & Ross' photo in Coast Living

Zeb has a cool bath for summer

thanks to alec for these pics of zeb our ragdoll cat.
april  2012

thanks to Sabine for these shots of zeb..
mar 2012

A rainny afternoon in the boss's chair
taken by Heath Missen of
feb 2012

One of Zebs favourite visitors Saya

 Zeb relaxing in the winter sun in beautiful bangalow
Zeb is relaxing in dappled sunlight through the garden leaves

 having a good rub in the garden

Zeb is very comfortable at work!
Zeb climbing up in the world
A regular customer and friend of Zeb's caught these pics the other day,
It looks like he is listening intenly and then...

Zeb is sharing his opinion.
If pets are not your thing, oh well!!

just walkin' in the rain..................

Zeb and a visit from his brother Muddle
Life's hard....
watching intently!