Monday, May 28, 2012

1960s Diana Ware Polka Dot Australian Retro Pottery

Diana ware pottery
In 1940 Eric Lowe set up a pottery in Marrickville, Sydney during the war they produce cups and mugs for navy and munitions cantens, along with tea pots and milk jugs. In 1946 a large variety of slip cast vases, in many colours, shapes and sizes, book ends, animal figures, table ware, utility and kitchen ware in over 200 different shapes were made.
  By 1952 they were employing 70 hands who were producing
 a large range of hand painted
articles which included "Waltzing Matilda" musical mugs and jugs.

A 1960 catalogue shows a range of decorated oven and kitchen ware hand painted in maple, poinsettia, cornflower, blackberry, wattle, flannel flower, and a prawn design.
In the 1960's, Diana Pottery, under the name 'Hollywood',
made a variety of slip cast vases or brightly
coloured glazed, or sprayed with a
Cream glaze creating a speckled texture
finish were made, some have been
found with a stamp and/or a paper label.
 diana ware mugs for sale $85 each
 Also in the 1960's, under the name 'Imperial',
a variety of small slip cast vases hand decorated in
Gold were made for a gift shop in the
Imperial Arcade Sydney.
(reference 'Encyclopedia Of Australian Potters Marks' by Geoff Ford)