Thursday, February 23, 2012

Map it at Heaths Old Wares Bangalow

Education wallhanging  Maps
Australia and what we produced and the areas we produced it in.
It would be interesting to see the same map today!
The United States of America
 Central Eastern NSW
Robinson's Map
Detailed route map extending to:
Canberra . Wellington . Singleton. Cootamundra
6/- or 60c
this pricing structure puts it at 1966
when pounds shilling and pence was taken over by decimal currency
 Europe Physical Department of Education Map
Chas Scally & Co
 Robinson's Map of
H . E . C . Robinson Pty. Ltd.
 New South Wales
Chas. H. Scally & Co
Cartography by S. Leacock
Printed by John Sands Pty Ltd
 World Ocean Floor
produced by the cartographic division of National Geographic Magazine
Washington December 1961
Map Number 142
Physical Map of Australia and South-East Asia
The World Map
 The Age of Discovery and Trade Expansion
Nystrom and Co.
English Trading Companies and Explorers Routes
 The World Sea and Land Exploration
 The World Modern School Map
Arctic and Antarctic Regions - The Solar System 
 Modern Teaching Map South Australia
with Major Mineral Deposits
from around the late 60s - early 70's era