Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hardware Heaven at Heath's Old Wares Bangalow

Brass Coat hooks about 100 of them all the same,
thats amazing for us!

Door knobs, some with shaft, some with grub screw,
they also make great coat, hat and towel knobs.

Brass door fittings, knobs and back plates,
some with a key hole and some without!
 steel butterfly hinges for anything i guess...
meat safes, kitchen dressers, doors....whatever
 back plates for doors, now there are bakelite, brass,
steel, rounded, bevelled, plain, oval, painted ........
not many pairs if any, they are individual

Timber butter boxes, about 10 years or so
off becoming 'Antique' I believe,
though there are some tools there that qualify.
 now thats a hinge!!
 and here are some more, some brass, some steel,
some work and some will give you a work out
 a 'G' clamp or two......
that make me grin a little,
how definitions of things change :-)
 these are interesting, and 4 matching....
for those that have come in search of matching items
from an era long ago
they will appreciate how hard it is to get them
 timber round knobs....oodles of them