Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John Farnham Portrait

John Farnham Portrait
Painted in 1988 by Charlie Hsu
Bridals and leather strapping
this bucket has no hole dear liza so henry won't have to fix it! 
 a facinating era - pre and post columbian art
 cream strainer or industrial light shade....
some of our talented customers reuse and recycle and recreate 
Diana 1960s - thereabouts....Australian  Pottery Jug 
 Lady head vase
 no makers marks
 secateurs for your garden
and a stone to sharpen them with 
 one of our favourite types of stools
 Classic Early Australian Bread Crock
known as a dolly -
the hand operated agitator from a very early washing machine 
and a place to keep all those bits in order