Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Springtime a gardener's delight with tools that just keep on keepin' on!

This brass contraption is called
'The Florist Friend'
No. 6
Spraying Syringe
pick or shovel or both
and for some heavy duty work.....
getting rid of those pesty palm trees,
try this saw and chain, no need for gym fees,
this will keep you fit
an antique that is just as usable today as the day it was made,
a trusty garden fork
is it a plough for the garden?
that's what I would use it for........
 I know what to do with these,
our palm trees have a lot less foliage,
looking for someone to jump on the other end of that cross cut saw
then the dropped palm tree leaves would be a thing of the past!
enough garden scissors for everyone,
you are very welcome to test drive them on any of our palm trees!
my garden - yes i can say that now.....:-)
is not big enough for this rural antique seed planter,
imagine walking along your vegie plot pulling
the trigger and planting your future harvest
ahhhh !!!!
These hedge trimmers are
what I need to use to help me firm up those bingo wings...
though I prefer to call them angel wings....
hmmm......I don't think they would work on palm trees!
this fork could be the answer to everything that needs 'pitching'....
and we have the paddle so you are not stranded up the creek!
the grim reaper for those out of control growths,
check out all about scythes.
time to shear those couple of sheep in the paddock,
try these blade shears....
the cutting edges pass each other as you squeeze
 them together and shear the wool close to the animal's skin...
a shovel or spade, what's the difference,
they both do the same job don't they?
better roll the tennis court in time for the season...
I enjoy watching tennis,
watchting the spectators on TV...
reminds me laughing clowns in side show alley