Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cast Iron and Timber Office....

Bangalow Market Day was so much fun...
when we set everything up this office just seemed to evolve.
Scrabble letters define our name and the in and out trays
 concrete pots and picnic baskets
 create your own uniqe out door seats on these chair frames
 afternoon tea and a game of dominoes
 ladders for all sorts of purposes
 this is so cool......
i can see a light comming up from the hub
and a donut of glass sitting on the spokes of this
fabulous wagon wheel.
I would look so awesome!

 now just take a seat while we select our own dinning arrangements
 maybe you prefer these stools
 and it is story time for our favourite little people
  blue bottles to blend with the stunning sky
 an old 1960s-70s veranda railing,
reused, recycled and so practical.