Friday, July 1, 2011

Australian Mororist Petrol, Amazing Electricity Power Line Insulator

An Industrial Antique Sculpture.
This is not depression glass,
it is in fact a green glass electric power line insulator.
3d scrable......
this is unusual to us as we have never seen ths type of tile before
 Australian Motorists Petrol World Map
In War Time Buy peace time too
 A few breeds of bottles for the collector:
Cordial, Beer, Cod, Blob top, Ceramic Label,
Impressed Label, Crown Seal, Stone Ginger Beer
 Dominoes of varied types
 This photo only gives a hint of how these
rich cobalt blue and the sun ripend purple bottles reflect the sun.
Lauris wall clock is it retro or deco,
any way it is cool, well I like it.
 Timber set of map draws
A set of 6 CWA round timber oak chairs
 sector skateboard long board
visit their website and find out about them
 how long is that piece of string....................
 Vintage document trays
Wee Willie Winkie enamel candle holder
and vintage and antique pieces of willow pattern china 
 Hand made stool from antique tongue and groove timber,
is it ash, teak we dont know, but we do know its hard wood!
We have been told both by experts.