Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Scrabble, antique seed planter,

A little bit different, we have never had these before,
red letters on timber scrabble letters

For those hobby farmers,
here  is a hand held seed planter
 with a spring loaded seed release mechanism.
I believe Australian, circa 1930,
It stands approx 90 cm tall.
To use to create or be apart of a piece of Art,
theses rulers are works of art on their own
 a splash of spaghetti Fuchsia
with this retro ball light shade
 Green Industrial Enamel Light Shade with a different shape
designed to be a little warped just like me.....
 This is a classic vintage piece of history, Dunlop a name most Australians relate to.

Keep in the beat with this Djembe drum.....
I might take more than this to give me rythym!
A spool stand for all sorts of things, cottons, jewellery, hair ties..

The Wedderburn story began in London. 
In 1896 Jabez William Wedderburn
opened Wedderburn Scales at 88 Liverpool Street in Sydney.