Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spaghetti Lightshades from the 60s and an Industrial Green Enamel Shade

Gold or yellow spaghetti light shade
Leather topped, sea grass cane footstool,
it would blend with the modern chesterfield lounge,
adding a bit of authenticity.
 one of two styles of white or clear spaghetti light shades 
and here is the other style.
 Always popular, at the moment we have a few stools
of similar height, with individuality though,
these stools are sought after for cafes, bars and home.
An enamel fluted street light shade just like this one,
dispersed the glow from the corner lamp post
as I peeped out my bedroom window as child in East Maitland NSW.
 watering can
 we only have one of these & yes it is in pretty good nick.