Saturday, April 2, 2011

more bottles discovered, ice shavers and spirit stove

  Simple and beautiful shapes in these old and antique bottles 

 the more sun the darker the purple
 a tradesmans tool - antique eylet remover
I believe these ice shavers
were used for shaping ice or
a street vendor would shave ice into a small paper cup
 then pour  on flavor
timber mouse and rat traps are no longer made like this one
Made by Brandt Bros Sydney.
Tommy's Cooker, the soldiers friend was a stove fueled by spirits.
It was considered
 "A suitable gift to the men in the trenches."
A spice tin that still has so many uses today.
 This we believe is one of our most unusual pieces,
it is an antique steam indicator, used to measure the preassure of steam,
the box lid is in pieces, i managed arrange it for a photo.