Saturday, February 26, 2011

Industrial Antique Mystery Machine, Wheel Rims, Chair Shelving

We have had this machine for a while now and have not been able to find out what it is, there are of course many ideas, we welcome any you may have. There are a lot more pics on our website:
It seems Saturday is the time to update our blog,
the weeks are so busy now I am back studying, my routine will settle.
With TVs being so slim line these days I really like this chair idea and antique tongue and groove shelving.
A bar from a half wine barrel with French Soda Syphons,
antique and contemporary openers,
Jim Beam Australian Galah Decanter and of course the coke bottles,
fluid ounces - not mls!
Its been a long search to accumulate a few buckets and fire extinguishers.
There are a couple to choose from at the moment. 
Country kitchen chairs 
This heart shape is the top of a cane stick table,
hmmmmm!!!  So many ideas..... 
Cordial crates 
a variety of scrabble
This sewing storage foot stool is just classic..... 
watering cans, some even have a rose! 
have a look at the other pics of our unidentified machine on our website: