Saturday, February 12, 2011

A collection of nautical treasures - lures, creels, life saver bouys

 My first Saturday morning back after a few weeks off on a road trip to Melbourne was spent fossicking through our shop looking for a selection of nautical treasures to go with these two rather old timber lures.

The South Steyne Life Bouy is an original
 from when the ferry was refurbished at the Ballina Slipways. The following is a small part of the information available by clicking on the link:
The South Steyne is perhaps the most famous of the Manly Ferries. The ship was the only ferry licenced to sail outside the Heads and from 1953 until 1973 made regular trips to Broken Bay each Sunday giving many Sydneysiders their first experience of an ocean cruise.

Her career finished on August 25th, 1974 when she caught fire at her Balmain berth and was withdrawn from service as a commuter ferry. Restoration work commenced in 1987 at Ballina in New South Wales and later in Melbourne.
a close up of the couple of old lures

Melbourne is an amazing city, watching the finals of the tennis at "Fed Square" with my son was so much fun, such a shame more cities do not have this type of community place.
I must admit I was reluctant to do a hook turn in our super long wheel base hiace van, but I did and all was good!
I am sharing the links of the places I visited, I think their pics are far better than my phone snaps!
 my first visit to:
Chapple Street Baazar 217 Chapel Street Prahran

so much discovery.