Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coloured glass: vases, tureens, brandy baloons, jugs,
 butter dishes, sugar bowls

This trunk is great,
it is so light even i can lift it because it is made of aluminium

timber pulleys, block and tackle'
the workman's 'dumb waitor'

 When our children were small,
they were fortunate to be able to visit their grandparents frequently.
I would try and be there for the morning or afternoon tea ritual.
Grandma would don the tablecloth
and out would come the milk jug, sugar bowl and small glass butter tray.
The butter or margarine was never in the bought container,
always on a dish, it was ever so civilised.  
Our children, now grown, insist this still be the case when they visit Grandma
and do it themselves when they have someone for morning or afternoon tea.

rich deep blue art glass is stunning.
 this basket is huge,
it really makes a statement and yes it is old. 

 Ross and his green thumb,
the flower on this plant looks like a painting,
burnt orange to yellow, like a sunset.