Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Large Green Industrial Enamel Light Shades on our latest hanging ladder shelving!!

There have been a number of additions to the treasures and collectables at Heath's Old Wares in Bangalow, here is a sample....
All of the grey industrial enamel light shades have found their new homes
 then Ross came home with these beauties.............

Oh!! here is a pic of our 'new' shelving...hanging from way up there!!
A classic couple of buckets of history!

Washing day joys, this vintage cane laundry hamper is in great condition, also, we currently have 2 Sizes of 'French Soda Syphons'. Our selection of timber classic chairs is always changing and stocks have been replenished.

A sample of other treasures, a Bakelite funnel and ink well, interesting bottles and tins advertising  products that are no longer around and needle tins, some with needles still in them for those 78s we love to play.
One of my favourites... bed porcelains because of their soft pastel shades and patterns.
Saturday mornings at Bangalow are always fun, the Local Farmers Market is in full swing and people come from far and wide to enjoy our community. We have a visitor staying with us at the moment, meet Muddle, 3 year old blue point rag doll and Zeb's big brother. The 'boys' were enjoying the morning sunshine and became a center of attention.