Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tools that made Master Chef's from an Early Australian Kitchen and Bush Furniture Lounges

These 3 bush furniture chairs were built for specifically for a motel in the area, they are sturdy and unique.
A broad shot of some of the kitchen utensils and tools that may  have been found in Australian Kitchens aiding the Master Chefs of a bygone era.
Some are antiques, the cast iron water fountain and the amazing italian pasta guns and gem scone trays, remember the fuel stove!
Closer snapsots of our earlier Australian kitchen,show depression era canisters, enamel collanders, cannisters, mincers, jugs and tea pots, a Made in Australia blue and white " Fairy Sifter" for those magnificent sponge cakes and not to forget the iconic sunbeam mixing bowls. The antique pasta guns are really incredible, they are Italian, Circa 1880, made of bronze and iron with different disc inserts for different types of noodles.
Below: Australian Diana Pottery White Spot Mixing Bowls, casserole dish and Jugs. Diana Pottery was one of the leading Australian potteries with its beginings in Marrickville Sydney in the 1940s.

These Jugs and Bowls in green, yellow and blue are Diana Ware from the later 1950s to late1960s. This range came in pink, two shades of green, pink, light blue and yellow that we know of.

Timber rolling pins and 'mechanical' hand egg beaters by " Swift "were absolute essential tools in the kitchen.

Looking closley at this picture, between the picnic baskets and fowler blue and white jugs, you will see an unusual item by todays standards, an aluminium egg cooker, for the perfect boiled egg. Follow the instructions and when the egg is cooked to your liking the egg cooker will whistle!
glass topped "flower" outdoor table.