Saturday, July 31, 2010

A selection of the new "Stuff" for sale at Heaths Old Wares in Bangalow

What a mix of new stock we have, green and natural timber step ladders, an Oh So Cool stool nic-nac storer with leopard skin design, timber foot stools, boxes, scales.

Green timber tool box
Travelling!! An assortment of ports, gladstone bags and cases.
Zeb our Ragdoll Cat is exhausted after a morning of being pampered.
A small coil of this fabulous rope, it measures approx. 27 mts in length
Retro beauty case in great condition and this office chair, I think from around the 1930s - 40s.
A household antique, this washing machine stopped those angel wings!! and check out the ornate heater, it says ... Selecto..for the Staff of the Electrical Commission of Victoria, the chord has been removed, behind it is a print depicting a scene in the "Battle of Inkermam" from the Crimean War in the 1850s.

A very old cane and timber laundry hamper,  and a stack of sieves for soil, sand or whatever!