Friday, July 23, 2010

An ecclectic variety of antiques, industrial treasures and collectables

I remember these timber school desks being around when I was at school in the 1960s and I am pretty sure they were around long before then!! A sturdy cast iron base, timber desk and seat that lifts with a centre ink well hole. For Sale at Heaths Old Wares Collectables for $120 call 0266872222 or email
fine glass stem with chrome gallery and ceiling fitting set of this amazing light. To get a light of this age in this condition is not easy.....
flying saucer and beehive, round ball with mottle pattern and a chinaman blue and white enamel, just a few of the styles of light shades available at Heaths Old Wares Collectables and Industrial Antiques Bangalow.
This is a painting on felt or velvet, from edge to edge of the frame this picture measures 96cm x 66 cm.
I don't think the image does the picture justice as the moon really does seem to glow.
Wow!! how cool is this....Cyclops tin pram, so cool!! It is in such great condition.

Chemistry bottles and jars, milk bottles, beer bottles
i just liked this group of green things, scarves, step ladder, storage cupboard, stools and insulators.