Thursday, March 4, 2010

A little home town "Then & Now" Bangalow History in a beautiful antique souvenir Tea Cup and Saucer.

The cup & saucer are history and feature a view of The Church Of England All Souls Church as it was around the 1930s. We have always had a passion for history and believe that is part of the reason we deal in old wares, collectables and the odd antique.
The cup and saucer are For Sale $50 from Heaths Old Wares & Collectables Bangalow.

A little history to go with this collectable piece:
The foundation stone for The All Souls Church was laid by Bishop Anton in 1927 and the bricks used in construction were sold to parishoners for 3 Farthings each - not a lot in todays currency, but this raised considerable funds.
The church was concecrated around 1937 by Rt. Rev. J.W. Ashton, Bishop of Grafton and is located in Ashton Street Bangalow. (Information from 'Out of the Big Scrub Bangalow' by L.C. Furnell)

Below: "THE NOW" This is a view from nearly the same angle, taken from in front of the Bangalow Police Station,
in Byron Street Bangalow as at 4th March 2010.
Below: The Bangalow Police Station built around 1903 from my research, the position from where todays photo was taken