Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heath's Old Wares at 12 Station Street Bangalow provide a bright spot in a dull and overcast day - Yellow -

Yellow is a brightener on an overcast dull day. The rain has been lovely and after comming from a rural town many years ago, we certainly have an appreciation for natures gift and are careful not to complain about it.

 Stools Stools Stools!! it has been a little while since Ross has had this many stools to choose from - we just never know what will become available and when...

the Lloyd Loom Clothes basket still has its paper label on the bottom, at Heath's Old Wares we also have a larger corner version of a Lloyd Loom Basket also in refreshing white cane.
Watering cans, oil pourers, box shelf cupboard housing timber fishing reels, brass pots and plantstand.